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Monday, September 27, 2004

Sold out items

BF002 V/A Urban Meadows CD (edition of 400)
The Broken Face is very happy to announce the arrival of our first CD compilation, Urban Meadows - 74 minutes, 17 tracks of (mostly) exclusive material from the likes of: Alchemysts, Dipsomaniacs, The Spectral Light & Moonshine Snakeoil Firefly Jamboree, Charalambides, Green Pajamas, Hood, Dunlavy, Illyah Kuryahkin, Brother JT, rhBand, Renderers, Magic Carpathians (ex-Atman), Rotten Piece, Tinsel, Continental Fruit, Tadpoles, and Ring - with gorgeous cover art from Timothy Renner (of Mourning Cloak, Stone Breath, Spectral Light...).

Official release date - March 22nd 2000.

BF001 V/A Broken Face CS (edition of 50)
A compilation cassette that originally served as a sort of a bonus for Broken Face subscribers but it was also for sale separately. Featured bands are in alphabetical order: Alnico (GBR), Dipsomaniacs (NOR), Dunlavy (USA), Magnetic Health Factory (USA), Now Voyager (NOR), Prudence (FIN), Ring (NOR), Sarkanais Oktobris (Latvia), 10th Floor Orchestra (NOR) and the Sgusting (NOR)

Official release date - December 20th 1998.


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